Webinars / Webisodes


Below are several instructional webisodes for building your yearbook in the Memory Book Online program. Save this document, and use it for quick answers to questions that may come up when building your book.

To view a recording go to the webisode by holding the Ctrl button on your keyboard and clicking on the blue link below the title for the webisode.

If you have any trouble viewing the webisodes, please email technicalsupport@cdhtlhsl.com or call technical support at 877-302-3140.

Webisode Topics

Login & Navigation
Uploading Activity Images
Portrait Flow / Build Class Pages
Organizing Activity Images
Organizing Class Photos
Using the Toolbar and Tabs
Image Share
History Tab
Tagging & Editing Images
Review, Complete & Submit Pages
Multiple Logins
Assigning Pages
Red Eye Removal Tool
Rotating Elements
Drop Shadows & Outer Glow
Backgrounds & Borders
Saving Custom Templates
Placing Images, Shapes & Text
Using the Page Ladder
Photobox Shape Formatting and Effects
Text Box Formatting and Effects
Cropping Images
Aligning Elements
Ruler Guides
Bleeds & Margins
Custom Click ‘N Go Templates